Reasons Why We Are The Best Tofu Cat Litter You Can Find

We are dedicated to bring satisfactory to all our customers and associates, and to bring health and happiness to all the cats and cat lovers.

Facilities Advantages

Our factory covers over fifty thousand square meters, being one of the largest cat litter manufacturer in China. Our annual production of cat litter is over sixty thousand tons, approximately over thirty millions bags of cat litter. And Love Pets Utopia is one of the standard making enterprise of “Chinese Tofu Cat Litter Technical Regulation Law”.

Innovation Advantages

Collaborating with College of Life Science And Technology of Huazhong Agricultural University, Love Pets Utopia has incomparable advantages regarding the innovation of new product and new technology, and has already achieved great break through in Microbe deodorization and Cat’s Urine Color Changing Detection Technology.

Warehouse Advantages

Our company owns twenty thousand square meters of warehouse, equipped with the newest ventilation system, making sure that every bag of our tofu cat litter is in perfect condition. Besides, we are working with one of the biggest logistical service company in china, proving the quickest and the best conveyance service to every customers who wish to purchase large quantity of cat litter.

Customization Advantages

We have great experience with OEM and ODM, providing our customers with the top-level quality of cat litter, also fulfilling all sorts of demands from our customers. Our biggest wish is to see the prosperity of our customer’s business because we know that the only way to success is to make your associates successful. By working with all the partners, we hope we can improve the overall standard of cat litter business, bring new technology and new ideas to this industry.